Any List Scroller jQuery Plugin

samuel Slider 249 ,

Any List Scroller is the jQuery plugin by to scroll any list, of any dimension, with any content.


  • It is surprisingly easy to use
  • It works on any kind of list
  • List elements can be texts, images, anything (read the instructions below)
  • List items must not have a fixed size, or equal to each other
  • The list can be scrolled horizontally or vertically
  • Scrolling can be simple or infinite (circular)
  • Scrolling can be manual or automatic (autoscroll)
  • You can set the number of visible items
  • You can set the scrolling step
  • You can set the starting item (new from v.1.1)
  • You can put more than one ALS in a single page (multiple instance)
  • You can set the scrolling speed and “easing” function (new from v.1.3)
  • It has “swipe” support for touch devices (new from v.1.4)
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