c4 – Connect Four

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c4, stands for Connect Four, is a browser game written in TypeScript and utilizes HTML’s canvas. Player is playing against an AI that uses Minimax algorithm and alpha-beta pruning. The evaluation function is hard-coded, and hence the AI may not be moving using the most optimal move.




Connect four of your game pieces vertically, horizontally, or diagonally before the other player do so.

How to move?

At each turn, player will drop a game piece in one of the seven columns by clicking on the chosen column.

More info

Read Wikipedia page on Connect Four

Browser compatibility

  • Require browser that supports ES2015’s Promise.
  • Should be good in latest Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and IE.


Contributions are welcome! I’m happy to accept any kind of contributions, pull requests, or bug reports.


  1. Fork and clone this repository
  2. Install dependencies
yarn install
  1. Start local development server
yarn start
  1. Make your changes at src/
  2. Test it out at http://localhost:1234/
  3. After you are happy with your changes, please submit your Pull Request!


This work is licensed under MIT License.