DuckHunt ported to JS and HTML5

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This is an implementation of DuckHunt in Javascript and HTML5. It uses the PixiJS rendering engine, Green Sock Animations, Howler, and Bluebird Promises.


This game supports WebGL and Canvas rendering via the PixiJS rendering engine.


This game will attempt to use the WebAudioAPI and fallback to HTML5 Audio if necessary. Audio is loaded and controlled via HowlerJS.


The animations in this game are a combination of PixiJS MovieClips built from sprite images and tweens. Since PixiJS doesn't provide a tweening API, Green Sock was used.

Game Logic

The flow of this game is managed using Javascript. The main chunks of business logic are implemented as ES6 classes which are transpiled to ES5 using Babel.

Working With This Repo

  • You must have nodejs installed.

  • Clone the repo into a directory of your choice

  • cd into that directory and run npm install

  • Use npm start to start a local webserver which will make the site available at http://localhost:8080/. Cross origin errors prevent this project from being accessed in the browser with the file:// protocol. This will also trigger automatic builds and reloads of the page when changes are detected in the src directory.

  • If you want to manually cut a build of the application code run npm run build

  • If you want to rebuild audio assets use npm run audio

  • If you want to rebuild image assets use npm run images


Please report bugs as issues.


Pull requests are welcome! Please ensure code style and quality compliance with npm run lint and include any built files.