Hyperspace Garbage Collection – A product of General Hyperspace Waste Management Solutions

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WASD/←↑→↓/Touch Controls – movement. Spacebar Toggle material type between matter and antimatter.

Red – Antimatter. Blue – Matter.

Trash flies out of interuniverse warp holes. If matter and antimatter trash collide, they destroy each other. Watch out, trash has a limited lifetime!

Manipulate the correct type of trash to a similarily-colored trigger to open up the door to the next level.

Lasers don’t harm you, but they destroy trash of the same color.


At the multiverse juncture known as Alpha Omnicron Seven, N4n, a waste management systems machine, has been diligently maintaining the Variadic Intergalactic Garbage Processing Plant for the past seven millenia. A nineteenth generation Cyber-Fruit Inc. design, N4n features a dual-mode force-field, a levitation-engine, and a proprietary emotion display.

The Plant accepts both matter and anti-matter for processing and recycling. Day-to-day operations are automated and municipalities must adhere to a strict delivery schedule to avoid complete annihilation.

Unfortunately, the Reptilian Corgiods of Universe 8N9 (∆f = 2.47 µHz) have teleported several millitons of antimatter space-poop through their garbage warp hole -0.2 seconds ahead of schedule.

The suboptimal imbalance of matter and anti-matter has resulted in multiple catastrophic detonation events. Massive structural failures in the loading dock have been reported. The cascade of radiation has overloaded N4n‘s artificial intelligence cores.

Manual overrides have now been activated. Guide N4n through the dangerous trash-heap caverns to reach the Primary Systems Core and restore compliance to the Trash.

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