JavaScript Standard Style

The beauty of JavaScript Standard Style is that it’s simple. No one wants to maintain multiple hundred-line style configuration files for every module/project they work on. 

This module saves you time in two ways:

  • No configuration. The easiest way to enforce consistent style in your project. Just drop it in.
  • Catch style errors before they’re submitted in PRs. Saves precious code review time by eliminating back-and-forth between maintainer and contributor.


  • 2 spaces – for indentation
  • Single quotes for strings – except to avoid escaping
  • No unused variables – this one catches tons of bugs!
  • No semicolons – It’s fine. Really!
  • Never start a line with (, [, or `

    • This is the only gotcha with omitting semicolons – automatically checked for you!
    • More details
  • Space after keywords if (condition) { ... }
  • Space after function name function name (arg) { ... }
  • Always use === instead of == – but obj == null is allowed to check null || undefined.
  • Always handle the node.js err function parameter
  • Always prefix browser globals with window – except document and navigator are okay
    • Prevents accidental use of poorly-named browser globals like open, length, event, and name.
  • And more goodnessgive standard a try today!
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