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##MEGA GIRL.git Battle Rainbow

Megaman inspired game.

Is your computer plagued with viruses and trojans? Need to terminate apps that just won't quit? Disk fragmentation bogging you down?

If the answer to all that is yes, then employ the power of Mega Girl! The hyper-deluxed-super-mega software that beats back those malicious apps! Download this software today and rest easy at night knowing that Mega Girl's got your back, obliterating those nasty bits into smithereens!

###Command Arguments

  • [-admin] – allows administrative rights

  • [-destroy[[:]attribute]] – specifies specific threat to your computer, possible attribute: viruses, trojans, lockups

  • [-with[[:]]attribute]] – specifies level of brutality in dealing with malicious software.

  • [-time[[:]]attribute]] – specifies urgency of the situation, possible attribute: ASAP, Take-it-easy, Chill


  • Sounds – Still missing! I felt like it was all or nothing on this one…I didn't want it to sound cheap or incomplete.


  • Fixed secondary key binding for jump. Sorry!

  • Prev/Next weapon is suppose to be S and D, not A and S.


  • Arrow Keys – Move

  • Z or W – Jump

  • X – Fire

  • Esc or C – Pause

  • S and D – weapon change prev/next.






##Tools Used

  • Unity 3D 4.3

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Graphics Gale

##Third-Party Unity Libraries

  • NGUI – UI framework

  • 2D Toolkit – 2D framework

  • ProBuilder – Shapebuilder for creating levels

  • Play Maker – FSM tool for various logic used in the game

  • fastJSON – JSON serializer/parser

  • MateUnity – accumulation of stuff I made for Unity

##Music Credits The Newgrounds Crew! Note: All music are lincensed under Creative Commons, Non-commercial.

  • Main – (8-bit wonderland) by duttonsayshi

  • Stage Select by (Where's The Map) by Neon-Bard

  • Stage Selected – (Megaman 3 stage selected remix) by phoenixdk

  • Victory – (Spirit) by duttonsayshi

  • Game Over – (Melancholic Piano Score) by 5vedjeland

  • Boss Battle by intero

  • Stage: Chea Guerrera – (Catface) by waterflame

  • Stage: Thunder – (Beautiful Chaos) by duttonsayshi

  • Stage: Tankie Girl – (Action-packed-happy-time-warzone) by ANTI-SPAMGUN

  • Stage: Totally Clair – (Lost My Mind) by lilkiller212


##Coming Soon

  • 2 other stages.

  • final stage.

  • Epic battle of the century.

##Useless Facts

  • Why are all the bosses females? The original story involved GitGirl being a nusance to the intergalactic girl scouts and she is banished in the outer realm of space. After a while, I decided there's too much spite in the story. The funny thing is that I actually quite like how the story is now, something that just manifested near the deadline.

  • This game was originally going to be just you shooting a bouncing star and collecting pointless things. Now it's about reclaiming long lost abilities from malevolent viruses and saving the internets from a certain doom. So slightly less pointless.

  • The stages supposedly describes the personna of each boss. I tried…

  • The weakness of each boss is based on what their personality can't stand. So totally-serious types really hate happy-go-lucky types, diligent ones hate chill-outs, etc. I thought it'd make a much more interesting thing than just using elements. (hint! hint!)

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