Miracle Math Land v1.1 – Release Notes

samuel Games 86 ,

The Wonder Kids in Miracle Math Land is my entry into OGA’s Summer 2019 Game Jam.

Presented as my way of giving back to the OGA community and saying thanks to all the artists whose works contributed to the creation of Miracle Math Land, here are the art and sound files from the game.
The art uses pieces from several OGA works along with some original stuff.

The fonts are derived from Clint Bellanger’s Good Neighbors Pixel Font. I basically just hand scaled Clint’s fine font to match the dimensions I needed for the game.
The overworld map tiles are derived from surt’s Blowhard 2: Blow Harder tiles. I simplified the tiles, making them more steamlined as befits a game about math. 🙂
The rest of the sprites and tiles are original works by me.

The game sounds are all original created by me with sxfr.
I’ve included the original sfs files for them in case anyone wants to fiddle with them further.
The UI sounds are derivative of instruments created by Spring with SnevenTracker.