ParamQuery Grid – jQuery Grid Plugin

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ParamQuery grid is a lightweight jQuery grid plugin inspired by MS Excel and Google spreadsheet. It’s based upon jQueryUI Widget factory which is an excellent design pattern for UI controls with consistent API. It’s free to use.


  • Sorting
  • Paging
  • Resizable columns
  • Resizable height and width
  • Customizable theme
  • Hiding / Showing columns
  • Freeze any number of Columns like Excel
  • Display any data source format like HTML, Array, XML, JSON, etc
  • Can be used with any server side framework e.g. ASP.NET, MVC3, JSP, JSF, PHP, etc
  • Virtual Scrolling and Rendering
  • Inline Editing of cells
  • Supports all the major browsers and has been tested in IE 6,7,8, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc
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