Rounded Polygon Creator with SVG

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Create any size of regular rounded polygon with the help of javascript and svg.

Demo: Javascript

var NS = {
xmlns: ''
SVG_VERSION = '1.1';
function createSvgElement(tagName, attrs) {
var svg = document.createElementNS(NS.xmlns, tagName);
if (attrs) {
setAttrs(svg, attrs);
return svg;
function setAttrs(elem, attrs) {
for (var key in attrs) {
if (attrs.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
elem.setAttribute(key, attrs[key]);
var svg = createSvgElement('svg');
var path = createSvgElement('path', {
stroke: 'none',
fill: '#20be86'
var description = document.querySelector('#description'),
textareaSvg = document.querySelector('#textareaSvg');
window.formChanged = function(){
var elements = document.forms.options.elements,
n = +elements.N.value,
l = +elements.L.value,
r = +elements.R.value,
padding = +elements.padding.value;
elements._N.value = n;
elements._L.value = l;
elements._R.value = r;
elements._padding.value = padding;
var polygon = roundedPolygon(n, l, r, padding),
width = polygon.width,
height = polygon.height;
// console.log(width, height);
setAttrs(svg, {
xmlns: NS.xmlns,
width: width,
height: height
setAttrs(path, {
d: polygon.path
description.innerHTML = width + 'x' + height;
textareaSvg.value = svg.outerHTML;
window._formChanged = function(){
var elements = document.forms.options.elements;
elements.N.value = elements._N.value;
elements.L.value = elements._L.value;
elements.R.value = elements._R.value;
elements.padding.value = elements._padding.value;
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