strman – Javascript String Manipulation Library

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strman is a javascript string manipulation library without npm dependences.

  • append
  • appendArray
  • at
  • between
  • chars
  • collapseWhitespace
  • contains
  • containsAll
  • containsAny
  • countSubstr
  • endsWith
  • ensureLeft
  • ensureRight
  • first
  • indexOf
  • insert
  • isLowerCase
  • isString
  • isUpperCase
  • last
  • lastIndexOf
  • leftPad
  • leftTrim
  • length
  • prepend
  • prependArray
  • removeLeft
  • removeNonChars
  • removeNonWords
  • removeRight
  • removeSpaces
  • repeat
  • replace
  • reverse
  • rightPad
  • rightTrim
  • safeTruncate
  • shuffle
  • slice
  • slugify
  • split
  • startsWith
  • substr
  • surround
  • toCamelCase
  • toDecamelize
  • toKebabCase
  • toLowerCase
  • toSnakeCase
  • toStudlyCaps
  • toUpperCase
  • trim
  • truncate
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