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Mega Girl.git

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##MEGA GIRL.git Battle Rainbow Megaman inspired game. Is your computer plagued with viruses and trojans? Need to terminate apps that just won't quit? Disk fragmentation bogging you down? ...

Castle Platformer Tileset [16×16][FREE]

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Castle Platformer Tileset [16x16][FREE] a downloadable asset pack SCREENSHOTS LICENSE: This asset pack can be used in both free and commercial projects. You can modify it to suit your own needs. Credit...

Avabranch html5 game

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Avabranch Avabranch (source on Github) is my entry for the github gameoff web-game challenge. It's built using Node.js and the Express framework, though most of the code is pure handwritten client-side javascript. ...

Demo Game for Mobile HTML5 Game Development

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Alien Invasion This is the sample game that is built in the first three Chapter of mobile HTML5 Game Development. It is released under both the GPL and MIT license to do with what you will. Playable Version: ht...